Serendipity 1.4 released

The Serendipity-Team is proud to provide the final release of Serendipity 1.4, conveniently codenamed "Post-Christmas-Monk-Miles-Moondog".

There have been some larger improvements since the 1.4-beta release, so these are the highlights of this release in short:

  • (new since 1.4-beta1) References to online plugin documentation have been added (if existing) and the display of the short plugin names has been added to the plugin configuration menus.

  • (new since 1.4-beta1) Firefox now no longer autoremembers passwords at the wrong places

  • (new since 1.4-beta1) Added SMF importer

  • (new since 1.4-beta1) Added a new %parentname% permalink option for category links

  • (new since 1.4-beta1) Fix to properly, longer (30 days) sstrong>remember the user settings in cookies, like for media insertion

  • Improvements in the now Double-Opt-In comment subscription (plus support for fulltext comment notifications)

  • new bundled default WYSIWYG editing component (Xinha, the successor of HTMLArea). This new component is more reliable and cross-browser capable than the old version, by still supporting everything that worked with HTMLArea previously.

  • The Entryproperties plugin now uses the new widget-style configuration option to allow for custom arrangement of the entry-related features of this plugin to your liking.

  • The bulletproof template has been enabled as the new default template. The frontend imitates the look of Carl Galloways Serendipity 1.0 relaunch template, while the backend is much improved with a fresh, distinct look.

  • The Remote RSS-Feed sidebar plugin now is templated, so that you can achieve distinct look for certain feeds on the sidebar.

Serendipity also addresses some minor bugs usually only affecting very special environments. Other changes include new PostgreSQL ts_vector fulltext search, comment approval-by-mail for the spamblock plugin, better HTTP header status updates for CGI environments. For developers, some API improvements and new variables/parameters have been added. The performance of the entryroperties plugin can be enhanced by new configuration options that let you fiddle with the involved SQL generation.

The complete list of all changes is documented within the docs/NEWS file of the release. This serendipity release is also the first one to include checksums to verify your installation integrity.

Updating is easy and documented online: Just upload the new files onto your web, possibly refresh/purge your browser cache (and if you upgrade from Serendipity older than 1.2, you might need to purge your old cookies), go to the admin panel and you're done. For shared installations, make sure all deployed htmlarea directories are updated with the new files (if not, the old htmlarea will still be there, not Xinha).

Also, the new version contains release checksums. This makes sure that the files you uploaded correspond with the checksums generated through the release. This way, bad FTP uploads will no longer be driving you nuts. If this makes any trouble for you, try to upload the files in BINARY mode in your FTP client.

For the future, Serendipity is still planning on minor and major features. We always keep a close ear to the wishes of our users, some of those that cannot be solved instantly have been documented here: Future of Serendipity. If you're a developer or designer, and want to help in proving that Serendipity is a flexible and easy to use Blogging/CMS-application - your help is needed and appreciated! Speaking of which: Many thanks to all current developers and forum users, especially Don Chambers, YellowLED and Judebert. Your help has been, and is vital to the project.

On behalf of the team: Happy new year and have fun with the release,


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Mattsches am um :

I definitely dig the codename ;O) Yay for Twitter, hooray for Serendipty!!!

Manolo am um :

Hi Garvin! Thanks a million for a new version. I have been upgrading serendipity for a while and have never hada a problem. Now, after I upgrade from 1.3.1 to 1.4 all I get is a blank page. No html code generated. Both front end and admin. I remember a while back I installed the bulletproof theme but just for the admin side via a hack in the forums. Could this be an issue? Any ideas?

Thanks again for a wonderful blogging system!

Garvin am um :

Manolo, could you bring this matter to the forums? A blank mage most usually means a fatal PHP error, so if you have access to the PHP logs, you might be able to check for an error here?

Regards, Garvin

Manolo am um :

Thanks a lot Garvin! Posted here:

Seems to be an iisue with smarty and the template I am using.

Rollenc am um :

Thanks for the new version.

Happy New Year!

Mandrake am um :

Core and plugin upgrades were done flawlessly, seemed like Christmas.

I'm planing on releasing two templates I've done for s9y once I fix some things, perhaps I could integrate some of the new engine features.

My best regards!

Mandrake am um :

Well, actually I have an issue with the new editor, I get this error when the page is loading:

Error reading language file (/htmlarea/modules/fullscreen/lang/es.js)

function error() { [native code] }

I just press ok and it works fine. I tried copying a different file into /modules/fullscreen/lang/es.js but I still get this error.

Garvin am um :

Mandrake, have you tried clearing your browser cache? Have you checked if the mentioned file exists? You are using spanish, maybe xinha didn't deliver a spanish file with this?

Mandrake am um :

There isn't a spanish file, nor an english file; the german file says only this (part of the FullScreen module):

"Maximize/Minimize Editor": "Editor maximieren/verkleinern",

I wrote the es.js file but still got an error at the time, now I'm posting again and haven't seen it anymore. Perhaps it was cached by Firefox as you said.

Mandrake am um :

Garvin, I must say I love the new HTML editor... That said, having tested the full screen mode I feel you should consider implementing just one content editor with some kind of separator for the summary and the extended text, instead of two different editors.

Just a thought!.

Alex am um :

wow nice, s9y become better and better.

Cornelia am um :

Wow sounds like a lot of work. Just back from my holidays I haven't heard of that new release so thanks for that hint.

macdet am um :

great stuff. works like a charme fpr me!

Flüge am um :

Your work is really great. I am very happy that Sendipity is enhanced now. Thank you very much.

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