Smarty problem with Serendipity 1.4

Due to some feedback on the forums, we were made aware of a bug of the bundled Smarty templating engine that can happen in some PHP environments and lead to PHP warning/error messages.

If this occurs for you, please simply download an updated version of the file bundled-libs/Smarty/libs/Smarty_Compiler.class.php and upload it to your blog directory. Of course we will integrate this update to a future point release of Serendipity.


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AppBeacon am um :

I'm trying to see what Serendipity is like. Unfortunately, the Demo on OpenSourceCMS is broken.

The permissions for Smarty's template_c directory are not set properly.

AppBeacon am um :

Testing threaded comments as well. So far all seems good. Although, submitting a comment on this site does seem to take a long time.

Mandrake am um :

Having tried and loved the new HTML editor I decided to delete the nl2nr event plugin after 4 years of use and relay on Xinha.

There was a undesired side effect, all previous posts (2300+) loosed their line breaks, I forgot the ln2br was real time.

So there's this fix on entries.tpl for anyone having the same issue:

{if $datenl2broff > $entry.last_modified} {$entry.body|nl2br} {else} {$entry.body} {/if}

Where $datenl2broff is a unix timestamp with the day the nl2br plugin was deleted.

Same is applied to the extended body.

macdet am um :

thx. thats a cool solution and will help me.

great hands for you!

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