Serendipity 1.5.3 released, Security Issue with Xinha

Serendipity 1.5.3 has been released, as a security-fix release with no other relevant changes.

A security issue has been discovered by Stefan Esser during the course of the Month of PHP Security. This issue was found in the WYSIWYG-Library Xinha (that Serendipity uses), and affects certain plugins to Xinha (Linker, ImageManager, ExtendedFileManager, InsertSnippet) which can use a dynamic configuration loader. This loader allows to upload file with arbitrary PHP-Code and thus allows remote code execution, even when not logged in to the Xinha/Serendipity backend.

Due to the seriousness of this bug, we urge everyone to upgrade their installations. People who don't want the hassle of a full upgrade and are not using the mentioned Xinha-plugins actively, can simply delete the file htmlarea/contrib/php-xinha.php, which will render the mentioned plugins and exploits useless.

Thanks to Stefan Esser for reporting this issue to us, and making a quick bugfix possible.


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Berlinaut am um :

Thanks for the fast update! Is it also possible just to upgrade a few files?

public am um :

Thanks. But on the left side of this page version 1.5.1 is still recommendated.

bed am um :

Yeah! Why? how about replacing "php-xinha.php" from the 1.5.3 file, does it solve the issue?

JCG am um :

Thanks a lot for your very fast reaction.

Mandrake am um :

Garvin, does replacing "php-xinha.php" from the 1.5.3 file solves the issue?

sph am um :


i don't know which version of serendipity i use - but i actually don't have the "contrib/"-directory in "htmlarea".

and there's no "php-xinha.php"-file anywhere.

in fact, i searched the whole installation and there is not a single thing called something like "xinha".

yes, i didn't update for... long time. but especially on this php-xinha-topic: should i be worried?


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