Having trouble with Spartacus?

Since some users occasionaly report having trouble with Spartacus and me having too little debugging information on what's going on, I have updated the Spartacus Plugin to be more verbose.

It now tells you what it's fetching and where it's saving the information. Anyone having trouble, please download the plugin here and save it in your plugin directory.

Here's a list of the reasons why Spartacus usually fails:

  • Spartacus has no write privileges to your plugins/ directory. It needs write access to download plugins and store it on your server.
  • Your Server's PHP module/firewall settings do not allow a PHP utility to open socket connections to other hosts and download files
  • The SourceForge ViewCVS service has sporadic problems and timeouts or does not deliver content
  • The plugin is successfully downloaded (so they files are on your server) but the plugin fails to install properly. This may be because your server saves the files without propper read permissions to Serendipity depending on your server setup. Or Safe Mode restrictions do not allow to include a file as the ownership of them differs.

Please alway check those issues above, and then please report any additional problems. I am eager to solve them, but since the problem heavily relies on propper permissions and outgoing connection, it's not always possible for me to fix those errors in the PHP-code.

Thanks for your feedback!


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