BerliOS closing down, Serendipity moving

Serendipity's code repository is being hosted on BerliOS for several years. Their free service is now closing down, which means that Serendipity will move its versioning control to a new provider.

The current idea is to migrate SVN over to This might even motivate some new contributors to get accustomed with the Serendipity core code and make contributing patches easier.

We are planning to move the code repository at the end of October and will keep you posted here. If there are people reading this who are well familiar with Git and especially SVN migration, please step up here or in the forums to help us in the process.

Asides from the SVN service, Serendipity is currently using this infrastructure:

  • A self-hosted webserver providing a phpBB board on This is quite active and will stay in the future.
  • A self-hosted wiki software on that allows for a custom navigation and wiki documentation by users. We might switch this to another software, but are not happy with the way MediaWiki handles navigation. We'll see if GitHub is an option to power this.
  • A self-hosted Serendipity installation on
  • The plugin and theme repository, hosted on SourceForge.Net
  • The code repository for plugins and themes, also hosted on SourceForge.Net and maintained through CVS. Depending on the usage license of GitHub, we are looking into if we can merge plugins/templates and the Core code on GitHub.
  • A issue tracker, hosted on We might utilize the GitHub-Tracker for this in the future.
  • A mailinglist, that is not very active anymore, also hosted on SourceForge.Net. Since we favor the s9y forums, we might not further spend time on changing this mailinglist.


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Sebastian am um :

Excellent choice! IMHO Git(-hub) is the place to go.

Dirk Deimeke am um :

BitBucket maybe an even better choice. It supports Mercurial and Git.

There are help offers to migrate to Git on my blog.

Lazy Badger am um :

If it isn't too late, I'll ask to reconside direction of movement, both host and SCM. Mercurial instead of Git and Assembla (Bitbucket isn't bad choice too) instead of Github. Assembla's Free Plan fit nicely, have a lot of well-integrated tools. Issue-tracker on Github is slightly less than terrible

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