Spartacus infrastructure change, Developers please read

Since the core Serendipity project is now maintained on and every developer is quite happy about that, we decided to go the jquery-plugins route and delete all Serendipity plugins.

No, just kidding. We actually imported all data from the CVS servers into the github infrastructure. The short version for normal end-users: Nothing should change for you!

All current Serendipity developers also have access to those repositories to contribute code. Developers now no longer should commit code to CVS (actually, they can't, because I took all their committing karma *eg*).

The harder task for the Spartacus infrastructure service is the actual publishing of data. The Spartacus plugin operates on a PEAR-like XML format for each plugin, which luckily is automatically generated by a small shellscript which runs once daily on one of our webservers ( That script iterates on a checkout of all plugins and templates, creates the XML and uploads it to all mirror servers (currently, and now also

Downloading the files also either works via the files that are uploaded daily to and, or you always could use the server, that published the file via a nasty ViewVC oddity. The spartacus plugin of the current github core code (version 2.25) now can also retrieve those files from the servers.

For all users that currently use the Spartacus plugin with the SourceForge.Net mirror, our daily script now pushes all changes in the GitHub tree also to CVS, so that both repositories *should* be kept in sync. This is done via the and gitclone.php scripts in the additional_plugins repository, for anyone that's interested.

Most likely, something in this script won't work properly, so in the next days it might be that some glitches in the matrix can occur. In that case, please report issues and remain seated. Or buy christmas presents for your beloved. Or your beloved developers.


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Matthias 'YellowLed' Mees am um :

As a heads-up for all developers: If you have been added to the s9y list of devs on GitHub, you don't need to fork s9y on GitHub. You should have read/write access to the repos. Just clone them and use pull/push (maybe a little branch here and there if you're trying something very special).

If you're a non- or not-yet-developer, please fork. :-)

Charlene Harreveld am um :

I'm trying to get in touch with Don Chambers re my Serendipity blog; however, I am unable to access the private messages area. Help.

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