Serendipity 1.7 release candidate 2

The Serendipity Team is happy to announce the second Release Candidate for Serendipity 1.7.

The first RC1 that was online for only a couple of hours had two issues that made us pull this release candidate. One bug affected people with older plugin versions, that could throw PHP notices and prevent Serendipity from executing properly. The other bug affected that certain variables for Smarty templates were not existing due to missing variable transporting. Both issues have been fixed in this second release candidate.

While we are still working hard to rebuilding the backend (for future HTML5 possibilities, better maintenance and in the end, a better design/UI) we have tried to make Serendipity 1.7 to be the final "pre 2.0" release that deals with a couple of problems with older Serendipity versions.

First and foremost, this release addresses several PHP 5.4 compatibility issues. Serendipity 1.7 now at least requires PHP 5.2 to operate (due to Smarty3). If you have a lower PHP version than 5.2, you can run Serendipity 1.6.x properly, but of course should better ensure that your webserver will be upgraded to a more recent PHP release version.

Serendipity 1.7 comes with Smarty3, a larger rewrite of the Smarty Templating Engine. To make proper use of Smarty3, several core mechanisms have been updated. Other features include better nl2br/nobr plugin handling, Updated 2k11 theme, RSS sidebarplugin can now handle Atom feeds, entryproperties plugin can now define defaults for custom fields. See the contained NEWS release file on github for a list of all changes.

In our alpha development process, many kinks should have been ironed out, so that at this point we feel confident to let YOU try out this new version without facing issues. Now we need you to make sure that there are no quirky webservers or installations out there, that would report any PHP5 notices/errors. Testing the release is quite easy; first you should backup your current installation (download all files via FTP/SSH/RSYNC/whatever, make a database dump) and then simply upload all new files to your webserver; then you're ready to go.

Please report all issues and bugs on the Serendipity Forums (specifically, this thread). If all goes well, we can then soon release the 1.7 final version, so that our developers can fully concentrate on finishing our 2.0 development. On this matter: A huge thanks to developers who made the recent new features, (re)built templates and fixed plugins. This specifically applies to ophian, yellowled, onli, mattsches, Don - your continued work and help is invaluable to me (=Garvin).

Now, go, grab that release: Download section

On behalf of the team,


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Manuel am um :

Great, thanks! :)

One (hopefully small) issue though: Some static pages won't display in Firefox (v18). Instead, the ?frontpage is shown. In Chrome (v24), everything's fine.

Of course, I've installed the newest plugins along with the upgrade (static pages is now v4.00), and purged Firefox' cache.

Any help is very much appreciated. :)

Thanks again! -Manuel

Garvin am um :

Hey Manuel,

this might actually be more related to an update of the staticpage plugin rather than the core. A bug was fixed that showed "DRAFT" status staticpages on the frontend; so make sure those non-showing staticpages are actually "PUBLISHED". :-)

HTH, Garvin

Manuel am um :

Cool, that fixed it indeed! Thank you very much, Garvin. Keep up the good work! :-)

Jan am um :

Yay! Smarty3 is really nice! Any issues with PHP 5.3 so far?

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