User Permission Groups

I've spent some time to improve the Serendipity User management.

The result of this is a patch which create Usergroups. You can give each usergroup a set of permissions the members are able to perform (like "Maintain Entries", "Maintain Users", ...). The privileges can easily be enhanced. An author can be member of more than one group.

This kind of obsoletes the old "Userlevel" mechanism we have, but I've tried to incorporate the patch in a way so that old plugins depending on the Userlevel should still work, because the 'userlevel' column is not yet dropped.

This mechanism seems to work fairly well, I've also upgrade the entryproperties plugin so that you can define by which usergroups an entry can be read.

Volunteers please try out the patch here: usergroup.diff. Please report any problems you face and if you like the direction where it's headed at. The diff is made against 0.9-alpha2 and will eventually be committed to SVN somewhen next week, depending on the feedback. :-)

Have fun!


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Ryan am um :

I applied the patch to my tester serendipity install that uses sqlite with PHP5. The ACL for the groups is very useful. Great work Garvin. I am getting some PHP warnings however. May I send them to you? If so, to what email address?

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