Serendipity at SecurifyLabs

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by the team at SecurifyLabs to evaluate the option of adding Serendipity to the list of their portolio supported projects.

SecurifyLabs is a security company that addresses the need of Administrators to minimize the risk of security issues in OpenSource-applications. By paying for their service, they will assess and help secure your server that hosts Serendipity as well as perform deep analysis on Serendipity's source code, and communicate directly with us in case they find code issues.

This benefits users who want to make sure that the software they deploy is "safe" as well as the Serendipity project, who can build a safer codebase.

Many OpenSource applications today cannot afford the costs of deep security analysis, and only rely on coding standards, user feedback and expertise of their developers. SecurifyLabs tries to shift those costs away from the project itself, on to customers who actually rely on the safe software.

This is why we fully appreciate such a "on-demand" service. If you use Serendipity inside a commercial project, or are planning to use it, check out the details on SecurifyLabs. Funding can be checked on their funding page.


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