Announcing deprecated plugins

The s9y team has opted to deprecate a group of event and sidebar plugins and remove them from the spartacus plugin repository. These plugins use services that no longer exist, are no longer required, no longer maintained etc. We may deprecate more plugins in the future in order to consolidate our plugin base further, but they need to be tested first.

Note that you can still use these plugins if you already have them installed or install them manually, but they will no longer be available through spartacus. You could also volunteer to “save” an umaintained plugin.

See the extended entry for a full list of plugins deprecated in this “wave”.

Deprecated event plugins

  • Markup: Wordwrap long text (serendipity_event_wordwrap)
  • UTF-8 aware sorting (serendipity_event_sort)
  • HTML Validator (serendipity_event_htmlvalidator)
  • Uses FCKeditor as WYSIWYG editor (serendipity_event_fckeditor)
  • Uses TinyMCE as WYSIWYG editor (serendipity_event_tinymce)
  • Uses XINHA as WYSIWYG editor (serendipity_event_xinha)
  • Simple Cached/Pregenerated Pages (serendipity_event_cachesimple)
  • Advanced configuration types (serendipity_event_advtypes)
  • Layout-Plugin: Link-Markup (serendipity_event_layout_linkmarkup)
  • Layout-Plugin: Quote-Markup (serendipity_event_layout_quotemarkup)
  • Delete Link (serendipity_event_deletelink)
  • Feedburner FeedFlare (serendipity_event_feedflare)
  • Babelfish (serendipity_event_babelfish)
  • Link SnapShots using (serendipity_event_snapshotlinks)
  • Music of the Moment (serendipity_event_motm)
  • Y!Q Related Search (serendipity_event_yq)
  • Picasa (serendipity_event_picasa)
  • PHPOpenTracker (serendipity_event_phpopentracker)

Deprecated sidebar plugins

  • Audioscrobbler (serendipity_plugin_audioscrobbler)
  • Frappr (Friend Mapper) (serendipity_plugin_frappr)
  • Hitmaps (serendipity_plugin_hitmaps)
  • Zooomr Plugin (serendipity_plugin_zooomr)
  • SmileTag shoutbox (serendipity_plugin_smiletag) [WTF]
  • IPv6 Check (serendipity_plugin_ipv6)


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MEL am um :

Hello friends!

Even as outdated as it is, Simple Cache plugin might be the only thing keeping Serendipity from overloading/breaking servers where it's hosted. ¿Is there going to be a different alternative?. I would reconsider deprecating this plugin without a good alternative.

After years using this software I would say performance is the most important factor that's driving me away from it in new projects. I've been really pushing boundaries lately. If I could recommend something to improve Serendipity it would be to include a caching system in the core of the system and drop the use of Smarty altogether. These two things are very important for this project. The use of Smarty is pointless, PHP already does what Smarty does without the overhead (and there's a lot of overhead and timeouts caused by Smarty even with its internal caching system). If Smarty were to be dropped I could work/colaborate on converting some of the most commonly used themes to Smarty-less templates.

Just my opinion.

-thh am um :


a new internal cache has already been introduced in 2.1 (some fixes will have to be released with the next patch version, though).

MEL am um :

That's very good news.. I'm gonna wait for the patch version since I'm using it in production (v2.02). I hope you guys make an announcement for this feature. For me it would be the single most important feature of the software.

If I may make a suggestion, it would be helpful to be able to customize http caching headers [cache-control (max-age, s-maxage) and expires] either in the admin or (better) by predefined options in the local config file. These headers are also relevant for external caching systems such as a reverse proxy server, browser caching and any other private/public caching system on the way to the site. The plugin/internal caching and the mentioned http headers are actually pretty much necessary for a reverse proxy to cache dynamic content otherwise it wouldn't.

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