Translate plugins into your preferred language!

We have just added new German translations to 22 plugins, and you can do the same for your preferred language!

Translating Plugins

And that's actually pretty easy:

  1. Find the code for your plugin and download it.
    Most plugins are available via Spartacus; you can find them in our corresponding Github repository. The few plugins that are provided directly with Serendipity can be found in the Serendipity repository on Github in the plugins directory.

  2. Copy the English language file and rename it.
    The English language file is always called Copy the file and change the name of the copy to, where XX stands for the abbreviation of your language (in lower case). A complete list of the abbreviations can be found in our online documentation.

  3. Translate the texts into your preferred language.
    If you find examples or HTML or the placeholder %s in the English text, you should keep them.

  4. Create a UTF-8 version.
    Copy your language file into the UTF-8/ directory and convert this copy to UTF-8. If necessary, ask for advice in our Forums!

  5. Test your new translation.
    You can now upload the language files - the file in the plugin directory and the second file in the UTF-8/ subdirectory - to the plugin directory on your blog and test your new language version.

  6. Share your work with the Serendipity community!
    Send us a pull request on Github, or contact us via our Forums to send us your new translation. If the plugin you have translated is available on Spartacus, your new translation may be available to all users the next day!

Translating Serendipity itself

Serendipity has already been translated into many languages; a primer on how to add a whole new language can be found in our online documentation.

Not all translations are up to date. If you notice English texts in the middle of the language version you are using, you are welcome to participate in the translation to your language. In our Serendipity repository on Github you will find all language files in the lang/ directory. At the end of the file for your language you will find English texts that have not yet been translated. You can simply translate them - don't forget the second language file in the UTF-8/ subdirectory - and send us a pull request on Github or contact us in another way. Your new translations will then be included in the next release.

If you have any questions about the internationalization of Serendipity, please feel free to visit our Forums!

Thank you for supporting Serendipity!


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