New theme: Joshua

A new theme contribution has been made by Hendrik Scholz / Wormulon. The theme is called "Joshua" and has been added to our additional_themes repository here, where it will be available in the next 24 hours. Hendrik's site is running the theme, if you want to see it in action.


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defuru am um :

very nice and clean theme, but there are various cross browser issues. i assume that it should look like the version that will display with a current ff.

Hendrik Scholz am um :

Yes, I'm still looking into a few small issues with Opera and M$IE. Garvin committed a small cosmetic fix this morning but more will come.

MySchizobuddy am um :

Those links on the top like Home, publications etc, Is that soemthing available in serendipity or is it part of the template.

Hendrik Scholz am um :

I'm running s9y in embedded mode on and added the navigation outside of s9y. is now dedicated to s9y themes. I did not find any useful application for the navigation within the blog so I had to remove it although I do like the touch it adds to the overall look.

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