Multi-Category selector

Some users of the Konqueror-Browser may have noticed that when posting a new entry, the "plus" icon next to the categories selection did not toggle anything.

This functionality was meant to toggle a multiple-select field when clicked, to preserve screenspace on most browsers and make it easier for people that do not want to post in multiple categories.

This functionality did not play well with Konqueror's interpretation of the select-field's properties. I have thus rewritten the JavaScript code to toggle the state of the select field, and it should now work in all major browsers. I have committed the patch to our 0.9 SVN, and it should be contained in the daily snapshot created later today.

I'd be happy for any reports regarding this functionality and whether it's working fine for you. Remember that when toggling from a multi select to a single select, the function will remember the last multi-select of your categories and restore those. So it is considered a feature when you select edit an entry with multiple selected categories, toggle to single select, and then toggle back that all previous categories get re-selected. Thanks for your feedback!


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lendulado am um :

"did not toggle anything"

It's worse than don't do anything, it crashs konqueror which exits with a SIGSEV signal. It ocurrs when you leave the button in the "-" (minus) sign and after select the dropdown menu.

This is with Konqueror in Gentoo and Ubuntu (kubuntu packages), not the same machine and not the same person, although the same installation of s9y (0.9-current).

Also, regarding the javascript of s9y and Konqueror, when you put a URL through the "URL button", it selects as description all the text of article's textbox.

All works fine in Firefox (Linux/Windows)


Garvin am um :

Okay, the dropdown problem should be fixed with the latest SVN? At least it didn't crash my browser.

And, well - no javascript should ever crash a browser, so this is more a Konqueror-Bug. ;)

I'll try to look into that URL button thing next on. Thanks, Garvin

MySchizoBuddy am um :

So the SVN will be fixed tonight and i can get the latest build ?

tim am um :

you so hi woth tour blog and i'll tell you, it sucks big time man.

Yi can't even download a theme and al those gray tables with errors

Try to code profesional or NOT


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