New WYSIWYG editor: TinyMCE

Today I've committed a new plugin to our repository called "TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor support". It can only be used with the latest Serendipity SVN version, as new plugin hooks were introduced.

Because of license issues you'll need to download TinyMCE seperately and configure the path to the editor.

This is mostly for the people who always wanted to add their own WYSIWYG editor easily, now you can have a go at it. :)


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Garvin am um :

TinyMCE ( claims to be fully Firefox+IE compatible. I have not yet faced any problems, as I'm using firefox. Seems to work pretty well.

Ryan Cavicchioni am um :

I am curious. TinyMCE is LGPL. Can it not be distributed with the s9y plugin. Sorry if this is a silly question.

Keilaron am um :

Oooh, so I should be able to use FCKEditor ( ) instead, now?

Garvin am um :

Yes, using the hooks you can implement FCKEditor. If you do that, please share your plugin with us. :-)

Tinu Coman am um :

Yes. But it is not free... I am using it on my CMS software and it is great. I didn't mind paying the price for it

Harald Wagener am um :

And the all-encompassing question: Does anybody know of a WYSIWYG web editor that works with Safari?

MySchizoBuddy am um :

Editize ( works in safari but it isn't free. Ektron ( flash based editor works as well, and not free as well :). Obedit ( flash based and free,

Garvin am um :

I think the problem is that Safari's latest "ContentEditable" implementation differs from all known methods and is hard to adapt for existing projects. So AFAIK there is no WYSIWYG editor available for Safari/Konqueror (and Opera).

MySchizoBuddy am um :

FCKEditor is working on Safari support, aand so is tinyMCE. so hopefully we would see it soon.

Latestly Its great to see TinyMCE. and Oh that iManager is kickass. :) thanks garvin. Now all we need is a Slideshowpro ( type slideshow plugin :) I can make one though, if there is a need for it.

MySchizoBuddy am um :

IF anyone is interested. I found a comparison of various WYSIWYG Editors. excellent article

Dane am um :

The HardCore Web Content Editor is the only WYSIWYG HTML editor based on JavaScript that supports Safari (as far as I know). However, it is commercial.

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