TinyMCE + iManager

In fact the reason for my inclusion of TinyMCE was another great tool I discovered today. It's called iManager and is a tool that allows dynamic editing (crop, resize, ...) of images and integrates nicely with TinyMCE. There is a demo available here which left me speechless.

The plugin for tinymce now also supports to include the iManager tool if installed. Because I still haven't figured out licensing issues, it also requires you to install the iManager tool on your own. But the plugin contains an installation guide which should get you started. Basically it's only downloading a few files and configuring your media gallery path. Get the full script here and let me know what you think.

Many kudos to Marco M. Jaeger and the folks of TinyMCE. :)


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Christophe am um :

i'm searching for this script which is no more available. Do you have it yet ? Would you be a gentleman and send it to me by email ? thanks a lot. ;-)

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