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Users living on the bleeding edge now have one more feature to choose from. The snapshot from today's 0.9 SVN will contain new event hooks for the media upload facility.

The Imageselector Plus ("Extended options for media manager") plugin can now access those hooks to display a form to immediately blog a new image.

You can select the image (or URL) to add, and then enter the title of your blog entry and some descriptive text, as well as the target size of the uploaded image. The image is then automatically posted to your blog entry without further actions.

But the best thing is yet to come: It supports the embedding of a "quickblog.tpl" smarty file where you can fully access the template for which additional information is displayed for your image. The plugin reads the EXIF file data of your image so that you can display the focal and other file settings (copyright, photo date, ...). The plugin dynamically loads this quickblog.tpl file so that anytime you modify it, also old entry will be updated/affected.

Currently the quickblog.tpl is more a skeleton which you need to fill with proper EXIF data. I will try to find reasonable defaults and make a better standard template file then. Meanwhile, have fun with the plugin. :-)


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Thomas am um :

Is there an estimate when 0.9 will be released?

Joachim am um :

Has nothing to do with this entry, but does anybody know what happened to serendipa.net??

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