New Theme: Leaf

From the forums, the user Ziyad "MySchizoBuddy" Saeed contributed a new template called leaf, which is a port of a very pretty Nucleus theme by Ivan Fong. I have added his template to our CVS repository where it can be downloaded quite soon (< 24 hours because of SourceForge lag). People using the 0.9 checkouts will be able to fetch the template via Spartacus.

Here's a preview screenshot:

Thanks a lot!


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Joachim on at :

Hi ! Sorry, but i don't understand HOW to download the template... Please help me

Garvin on at :

With recent Serendipity 0.9 versions you can fetch it via Spartacus; when that plugin is installed, the "Manage Styles" button shows also foreign plugins.

On Serendipity 0.8.3 you need to download the template from here:

Regards, Garvin

Joachim on at :

Ok, thanks... ;-)

Cosmotic on at :

BTW where can I get the theme which is used on this site ("Supersized")? Is it available anywhere? It looks so much better than any other theme I've seen so far... :)

MySchizoBuddy on at :

the supersized theme is not public. you cannot get it from anywhere, However it isn't hard to copy it :)

Cosmotic on at :

Well, I'd rather have permission. ;)

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