New WYSIWYG editor plugins: Xinha, FCKEditor

Thanks to Ziyad Saeed from the forums, I have just committed his two plugins to our CVS repository that allows you to use the Xinha or FCKEditor WYSIWYG editors with serendipity. Together with htmlarea (bundled default) and TinyMCE, we now have a boast of WYSIWYG editors to use as your liking.

Note that the plugins only work with current 0.9 versions of Serendipity and you need to additionally download the WYSIWYG editor's. There are installation notes that tell you exactly what to do within the plugins. The plugins will be downloadable from CVS and Spartacus within the next 24 hours.

Thanks a lot, Ziyad!


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Thomas am um :

Can v0.9 already be used in a productive environment or is it better to wait until it is officially released?

Garvin am um :

Well, that's always a tough question. We have a "stable indicator" on this blog on the right side.

I do think that 0.9 is ready for production, but we have not yet made official beta tests. But from the people using 0.9 (me included) there is quite a good feedback.

It's a matter of your personal taste if you can live with minor bugs and maybe needing to ugprade a few times more, or if you only want things on your machine that are thoroughly tested...

David am um :

I've been using s9y since October of last year and I always use the latest nightly snapshots of the what ever has been in 'alpha'. I've kept my install updated every week or so with the latest snapshot since it's so easy to update. I've always had great luck and no major problems but maybe once or twice and (SuperGarv!) Garvin has always came to the rescue and I've learned a thing or two in the process!

Anonym am um :

我的怎么装不了啊~? Help me~~Help me!!!!FCKEditor

Garvin am um :

Ask, and thou shalt receive. Post strange HTML entities, and thou shalt receive question marks.

Keilaron am um :

I've been beaten to the punch! Oh well, with all the things I have to do these days, I'm not surprised. Thankfully, this college semester is over.

By the way, about comment #2, I think that may be chinese/japanese. Shouldn't HTML entities be displayed rather than escaped? It's not like you can do any harm by using them. May have to do word detection or something...

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