Category Read/Write Permissions

I just committed support to Serendipity 0.9-alpha5 SVN that allows you to configure read/write support for each category to specific usergroups.

Now you can say "Group A, B and C have access to Category A and B. Only Group D has access to Category C.". And this can also be applied on the frontend, so authors may be able to read all posts in Category A and B, but not C. Note that the last feature is an option that you can toggle in your s9y configuration, because if you enable it it will cause additional SQL lookups to be done.

Note that this feature should play well with the feature of the entryproperties plugin that allows you to grant access to users/groups for individual entries, but this new feature is much easier to handle if you need "per-category" access privileges.

Bundled with that I upgraded that "adduser" ("User Self-Registration") to allow you to define into which user is put when registring to control his privileges. Note that this is only possible with Serendipity 0.9-alpha5.

This new functionality is considered experimental. We largely rely on your feedback for getting the privileges to work nicely.

If this feature goes along without major bugs, expect a Serendipity 0.9 beta release the next weeks, with a final release followed after that.

Now I'm off for my weekend, I'm gonna be the best man at the marriage of a good friend. :-)


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Jørn am um :

After adding a new category after upgraded to Serendipity 0.9-alpha5, posts labelled with the new category simply disappears. Any explanation?

Jørn am um :

After some time they appear on the front page, but they are still not reachable from the administration suite.

Garvin am um :

Thanks a lot for letting me know. In fact, the admins already contacted me in this issue, and I was able to commit a bugfix today, which will surely soon get picked up by the nice people of n3rds.

Best regards, Garvin

Jørn am um :

Thanks, everything works fine now! I'm really impressed with both Serendipity and

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