Downloadmanager plugin

For quite some time people have requested a plugin to manage (and count) file downloads. Alexander Mieland was so kind to hear those prayers and develop his downloadmanager plugin.

The plugin allows you to attach and upload several files and make them available in a nuke-like category hierarchy. Have a look at Alexanders page to see a demo.

The files have been added to CVS and the version bumped to 0.3 because of some changes to the plugin (bbcode, download counting) made after version 0.2. Have fun and thanks to Alexander!


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Michal am um :

But what about those, whose host's have safe mode enabled? Then Spartacus can't create files, and that really a pity. e.g. me and "my" (which is really cool, but with safe mode). Is there any walk-around?

Garvin am um :

The SafeMode is a pretty hard concept to surround. Instead you should try to apply open_basedir directives and make your setup safe by using suExec and CGI modes instead of using a SafeMode concept that doesn't really work in the end (see where PHP6 seems to be going by discarding safemode).

So, bottom line: Serendipity was created with "SafeMode=off" in mind. It might work, but it's only guaranteed to work in SafeMode=Off, and at least I don't see a way to make Spartacus work in non-safe-mode.

Regards, Garvin

Michal am um :

Although I'm not much into CGI and such server-side-matters, I appreciate what you replied. Serendipity works fine for me (excluding things requireing safe-mode off like Spartacus), and as long as there's no way to turn sm-off, I'll have to handle work manually. Thanks again,

Regards, Mike

Michal am um :

I've got an idea! Or a request, but I'm not quite sure if it's a proper place. Why won't the autor of Spartacus plugin place a download-button next to "Install plugin" ("Action" column)? Then we (hosted with safemode) could use Spartacus to easily download this sophisticatec CVS files from s9y respository. That would be great!

I hope that if the author made such nice script, that even installs plugins, he can easily ad "Download" plugin button on the respository list. Hmm? :)

Garvin am um :

Instead of a "Download This" button which would swamp the interface with unneeded buttons for those people actively using spartacus, I suggest to get yourself familiar to CVS and download the files from - that both saves you some trouble and us for inserting links that the defy the intention of Spartacus :)

Best regards, Garvin

Michal am um :

I managed to download "additional_plugins" in a zip file (don't remember where from), but the CVS and downloading one by one those files is really appaling. Nevertheless, I know what you mean. Wish you good programming!

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