Plugin Requests?

We have a new volunteer who likes to get his hands a bit more dirty by wading through the cool Serendipity Plugin Architecture.

Alexander already has provided us with the useful Downloadmanager-Plugin and asks on our forums if there are any open plugin requests or ideas.

So it's up to you people - tell us which plugins you still need. Serendipity already has a large repository of many useful plugins, but there might still be a need for more - right? :-)


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Niko am um :

A Gallery 2 plugin would be great! q:)

Martin am um :

I would like at an address book (with password protection)

Florian Laws am um :

I'd like a plugin for subscription via E-Mail.

Garvin am um :

Use the bundled "Mail Entry" plugin and setup a mailinglist on your server. Then set the plugin to set the mail to your mailinglist address. Everyone who'd like to subscribe to your blog can then add himself on your mailinglist.

You can already use Yahoo! or other free mailinglists, or you can setup your own mailman or whatever you like.

Serendipity should and will not provide a plugin for mass-mailing entries; this is not the task of a PHP process. Use the means that are built for that, please. :-)

Joobri am um :

Perhaps this is already part of one of the auth plugins, please tell me if it is...

It would be great to have a "trust REMOTEUSER" authentication/authorization scheme. So if you have a web server that requires a valid user and the user must authenticate to even get to the blog, allow the value of REMOTEUSER alone to then authorize the user. I'm thinking intranet use, where hacking attempts are not an issue.

Jørn am um :

An openURL plugin, like Coins for WordPress:

Alexander Mieland am um :

You all have missunderstood something... g Please tell me your ideas in the forum-thread (url provided in the entry above) and not here.

Derek am um :

How about parsing Atom News feeds?... The current plugin is only for RSS and not for Atom... That is one plugin I would like to see!

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