Spartacus Outage, Staticpage and other plugins

Because of a problem with accessing our mirror server, the spartacus repository currently only shows listed plugin versions of the last week. New plugins are currently not updated there, so please bear with the service until the trouble is resolved.

We are also working on providing alternate file mirrors, as well as a fellow Serendipity user (MySchizoBuddy) is currently working on PEAR-Channel services for plugins -- many thanks!

On another related note, the staticpage plugin has received an enormous update from Falk Döring today, rectifying a 3.0 version release. This updated version now allows to define custom page types, change the sort order of static pages, fixes some back/previous navigation issues and some more "behind the scenes" stuff. Many thanks to Falk for keeping up his great work.

Another Serendipity supporter that has been overwhelmingly active the last days is Alexander Mieland (dma147). He has provided a boast of cool plugins: A backup plugin, a forum plugin, a downloadmanager and some more: Read the forums.

With your help, Serendipity is able to continue being a great and enhancible blog application. It's great to see the community evolve, keep it up and spread the word! :-)


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Dirk Deimeke am um :

That is pretty cool! Where can I find some manual?

Garvin am um :

A manual for what/which plugin exactly? :) Most of the plugins are self-explaining once installed, as they just register their own item in your Admin panel.

Regards, Garvin

Dirk Deimeke am um :

In this special case for static pages.

I want to give my wife a manual an she should test herself if she get it running.


Garvin am um :

Ah, okay. Well, in this case you would need to write the manual, because there is none.

Contributions like this are heartly welcome in our wiki on :-)

Dirk Deimeke am um :

There's a big lack of documentation, isn't it?

I think, I will write some German documentation.

fa am um :

Kris wrote something in German:

Dirk Deimeke am um :

Hi, yes I know that. That is the only existing german documentation I bleieve.

Garvin am um :

Who needs german docs anyways? The world speaks english ;)

A place for putting new documentation would be at, if anyone has the time and motivation to contribute. I'd love to see that. :-)

Dirk Deimeke am um :

You are right. Please tell all the people that grew up in the GDR that English is THE language. They learned Russian at school.

I will do my very best ...

Garvin am um :

Of course I didn't mean to sound rude, in fact I was just being a bit ironical.

Nevertheless, for computer-related issues english is very important today, and many people are just forced to learn english for a basic global communication. If it were russian today, I would say the same after I've learned russion. Adapt or be left behind... ;-)

Thanks for thinking about contribution, it is really very welcome!

Dirk Deimeke am um :

I saw that you ment it ironical.

BTW: We both are talking in English, but we are both German ;-)

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