Serendipity 0.9-beta3 released

Serendipity 0.9-beta3 has been released. This should be the last release candidate for Serendipity 0.9, which is scheduled to be out next Friday.

Fixed issues in beta3 are:

  • RSS Feeds no longer show email addresses by default (configured via syndication plugin)
  • Fixed siteConfiguration option was not available for Blog editor group users
  • Fixed bugs with per-author/category RSS feeds when not using URL Rewriting
  • Enhance entryproperties to allow entering custom fields
  • Fix not having fetched properties of entries when displaying search results
  • Fix some PHP 4.4 compatibility issues about returning variables by reference
  • Fix some blog importer problems remaining when the source DB is not the same as the target DB

Updating from any Serendipity version is easy: Backup first, then extract the release files over your old installation, make sure the files .htaccess/ are writable, login to Serendipity and be guided through the automatic upgrade process.

Have a nice weekend, and thanks in advance for reporting bugs to us!


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Andrew am um :

Great job devs! Can't wait for the new release

Judebert am um :

Great job! Serendipity is making me happy I decided to blog.

But I've never been able to just have my cake, without wanting to eat it, too. So...

Shouldn't SPARTACUS be able to handle the update for us automatically?

Garvin am um :

Spartacus would require full write-privileges on the whole s9y tree with all files, which would impose a security risk, so I'd rather not do this.

An idea of a user on the forums was to support automatted updating via FTP; this might be an option we'll look into in the future.

Regards, Garvin

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