Serendipity in Space Stations

We got word from a fellow Serendipity user, who told us how happily he is using Serendipity:

I use Serendipity on a lot of my blogs, and I know it is simple to use and reliable as a result of the work you the rest of the project have put in.

I picked it up and used it for the GIOVE-A satellite launch, this is the first satellite of the new European satellite navigation system Galileo which is similar in principle to GPS. The launch was scheduled to take place on Boxing day, 26th December but may be delayed.

It is all exciting stuff, so I reckon there are lots of people like me who use Serendipity and think this would be pretty cool too. I'm using the remote RSS reader sidebar plugin to pull in an RSS feed of press releases, other self-confessed tech-heads may wish to do the same with the blog feed - this doesn't happen every week!

The site will be displaying a live countdown to the launch and provide background on the the Gailileo project, podcasts and links to live video footage. Using the categories sidebar I have provided a variety of feeds for journalists, tech-heads and team members to keep up with events.

Anyway, I'd like to thank Serendipity for making this possible and let's spread the word!


I will gladly write a more in depth "success story" for the S9 project at a later date.

Best Regards,

Robin Wolstenholme MEng MIEE MIEEE

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience, and we wish you all the best with the project!


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