German translators needed

My blog, especially the articles about Serendipity, are attracting a very large German audience, 36% of traffic this month, and I would love to have these articles translated into German for those readers. I plan to install the multi-language plugin and any German translations would then be directly available from the post. I'm doing this out of respect for my readers. Would any German speaking person be willing to translate any of my Serendipity articles? I could either create a new author account for you, or you could simply send your translations and I could post them. I will happily credit you with the translation and offer a link to your blog. If my request is well received, I would also happily consider translation into other languages. Thank you, Carl


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Pooh on at :

Mein Blog, und besonders die Artikel zu Serendipity, ziehen eine große Menge Leser aus Deutschland an, 36% des Datenverkehrs diesen Monat, und ich hätte diese Artikel gerne für diese Leser auf Deutsch übersetzt. Ich plane, das Mehrsprachen-Plugin zu installieren, sodass die deutsche Übersetzung direkt vom Beitrag aus zu erreichen ist. Das mache ich aus der Aufmerksamkeit für meine Leser heraus. Würde irgendeine deutschspracheige Person gewillt sein, meine Serendipity-Artikel zu übersetzen? Ich würde Dir dann ein neuse Autorenkonto einrichten, oder Du schickst mir einfach die Übersetzung und ich veröffentliche sie. Gerne nenne ich Dich als Übersetzer und biete eine Verknüpfung auf Dein Blog an. Wenn meine Nachfrage gut angenommen wird, würde ich auch gerne die Übersetzung in andere Sprachen in Erwägung ziehen. Danke, Carl

Consider this an aplication. ;-)

Carl Galloway on at :

Thanks Pooh, I've emailed you separately. If anyone else wants to help, I still plan to produce the definitive guide to theming, and will need lots of help.

Der Felix on at :

Klar ich helfe dir gerne bei der Übersetzung. Schreib mir einfach eine Mail :-P

Carl Galloway on at :

Danke Felix, ich Willens-email Sie separat (Babelfish)

Michael on at :

Hi Carl,

if you need further help, then drop me a line.

cu, Michael

Zappu on at :

Carl, no clue how much time I will have, but I guess 1 or 2 I can translate per week easily. Drop me a note if you need more help for the translation into German

Markus on at :

Hi Carl, I would like to help you too. Drop me a line, if you need more help for the translations. CU, Markus

Borka on at :

Ohuet kak interesno

Blase16 on at :


if you will ever need a russian translation, of your entries, just mail me. I speak perfektly german and russian.

cu Blase16

WTS on at :

I think that it is a good idea, also though, just because it is a German IP doesn't mean that we are all German. There is a large population of Americans here also :-)

Carl Galloway on at :

WTS, you are correct, but since adding German and Russian translations I've noticed the number of people froem Central and Eastern Europe staying on my blog for longer has increased. I assume this means they are reading (and hopefully enjoying) the posts in the comfort of a language they understand. Serendipity has always been a multinational effort and as the documentation project gathers pace anyone who contributes a translation, comment or recommendation is helping Serendipity.

I am still looking for translators for other languages, anyone?

Fidi on at :

I can do translations into German also. Great idea, there's huge interest in the German-speaking community, Thanks for all your work, Fidi

rudy on at :

Hi Carl, If you find some volunteers to translate your pages send them our way, translating is a profitable business.

          cheers to the volunteers!!


Shirley B.Abloy on at :

Absolutely agree! German language unconvenient for me.

Carl Galloway on at :

Hi everyone,

Translating my serendipity tutorials seems to have slowed down after the initial rush, and I would be very happy to have more volunteers on board. Now that I've finished a couple of other projects I plan to concentrate on some tutorials about using Serendipity (creating entries, installing plugins, moderating comments, configuration etc) , and most of these will be gifted to documentation project. If anyone wants to translate these, we will need translations for every major language supported by Serendipity, so please email me or post a comment here

Oana on at :

hallo Carl,

ich wuerde dir sehr gerne behilflich sein. Schreib mir einfach eine Mail.

Tschuess! :)

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