SEO and meta tags for s9y, updated plugin

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about using SEO on Serendipity powered blogs, which has resulted in at least one plugin update and many suggestions for SEO improvements in templates.

The meta description event plugin has been updated by Don Chambers, Jude Anthony and Garvin Hicking, and now provides a separate title, meta keywords, and meta description on a per entry basis, as well as a default title and description for all other pages.

Previously users were only able to adjust the meta keywords and description per entry, and other pages would miss out, leading many users to install the HTML head nugget as well if they wanted meta keywords and descriptions on overview pages.

Don has written up a full description of the updated meta description plugin on his own site, and is promising to continue developing plugins and templates, so bookmarking his site might be a great idea.

What about a Serendipity bar camp?

Serendipity v1.1 has just been released, v1.2 is on it's way, and we meet almost every day (in the blog, board, wiki) to share our thoughts on new features and adding new tools... but we only do it "virtually". Isn't it about time we have a "real" meeting?

I'd like to get some feedback what you (the s9y community) think about having a s9y camp in the fall (Autumn) of 2007?

s9yCamp would be like a BarCamp (Link: In BarCamps, people meet and give "spontaneous" lectures, workshops, discussions, etc. Isn't that something?

There are a lot of topics the developers, template designers, and users of s9y could share. Exchanging ideas on new plugins, swapping code snippets, customizing themes, thoughts on usability and accessibility ... and along the way meeting the faces connected with board messages and blog entries. The latter might very well be the most interesting part of the meeting.

So, this is just a call for feedback. What do you think about it? Which topic would you be interested in? Would you like to join in?

The feedback determines if and what happens next.

Also important: choosing a place. There is an invitation to meet in Vienna, but other proposals for cities (and organizers) are welcome.

So, please share you thoughts on this. At this point, this is all about approval, things to consider, ideas, questions, etc. - but most of all, this is about finding out whether the community would be interested in an s9y camp at all.

You can comment below this posting or in the board ( (german language thread) (english language thread)

The German lanaguage version of this entry follows: "What about a Serendipity bar camp?" vollständig lesen

May Template Madness

May is shaping up to be a month to be remembered, with four new templates released this month already, two of them coming from fresh new designers to the world of Serendipity. Let's start with our new designers, Bex and Abdussamad. Both of these designers have created templates that I'm sure will really appeal to people because of their graphical component, Bex01 being a two column template with an eyecatching header and sidebar graphics, while Stained Paper is exactly that, a sheet of old parchment forming the background image. If you like either of these designs please comment on the authors sites and give them the encouragement to keep designing. Myself and Dave have also released new templates this month, Dave with his popular Matrimony design, and myself with 1024px, a conversion Andreas Viklund's html template of the same name. Are there any other designs we should know about, we really should keep up the momentum in May, why don't we set a target of ten new templates for this month?

Andreas06 Theme released for Serendipity

I'm very pleased to announce the release of Andreas06 to the Serendipity community. Andreas06 is a conversion of the very popular OSWD template by Andreas Viklund. The theme features a breadcrumb trail, and a disappearing right column in detail view. Read more and download Andreas06. It will be added to Spartacus, and should be available over the next 48 hours.

German translators needed

My blog, especially the articles about Serendipity, are attracting a very large German audience, 36% of traffic this month, and I would love to have these articles translated into German for those readers. I plan to install the multi-language plugin and any German translations would then be directly available from the post. I'm doing this out of respect for my readers. Would any German speaking person be willing to translate any of my Serendipity articles? I could either create a new author account for you, or you could simply send your translations and I could post them. I will happily credit you with the translation and offer a link to your blog. If my request is well received, I would also happily consider translation into other languages. Thank you, Carl