SEO and meta tags for s9y, updated plugin

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about using SEO on Serendipity powered blogs, which has resulted in at least one plugin update and many suggestions for SEO improvements in templates.

The meta description event plugin has been updated by Don Chambers, Jude Anthony and Garvin Hicking, and now provides a separate title, meta keywords, and meta description on a per entry basis, as well as a default title and description for all other pages.

Previously users were only able to adjust the meta keywords and description per entry, and other pages would miss out, leading many users to install the HTML head nugget as well if they wanted meta keywords and descriptions on overview pages.

Don has written up a full description of the updated meta description plugin on his own site, and is promising to continue developing plugins and templates, so bookmarking his site might be a great idea.


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merlia am um :

Thanks for your link it really helped me a lot in knowing the results of meta tags and HTML tags, will be useful webmasters and developers.

Henk van de Goor am um :

Uh, it this part of the SPARTACUS repository yet? Or am I missing something?

SEO Costa Rica am um :

For a few extra SEO ideas, don't forget to check out Carl's SEO tips for bloggers. I downloaded the updated plugin, and it's quite nice. I'm finishing up the last bits of a big project tomorrow and I'm planning on working on a SEO template for s9y. Carl, maybe we can work together on one. I started a from scratch smarty build today. I think I can have embedded part ready in a week or so. From there the SEO is in place, just need some CSS and graphics.

carl am um :

I'm always up for collaborating on templates, just email me when you have something ready to work with.

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