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This is just a quick announcement that the "Who is using" page over at s9y.org has finally been updated. It is now a lot easier to submit a URL: Just type your blog's URL in a form field, add a title if you wish (if not, it will be autodetected), and you have your blog listed in an instant.

As a little bonus I have added a thumbnail-preview of each blog that is shown when you move the mouse over a link to a s9y blog. Go give it a try!

I hope you have fun with this, but if anything does not work as expected, please let me know :-)


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Andrew:: am um :

Very nice job Jannis but I think the thumbnail preview is kind of small...

Jannis am um :

Other people have said so too, and I'm thinking about doubling them in size :-)

Mickeybyte am um :

I like the preview (although it's indeed really small). However, I can't get past Italy, after some sites in Italy, it gives some HTML code and stops :-( (Firefox

What I also would really like is the existence of Belgium (apart from Netherlands). I know it's a small country, but please do not always see us as Netherlands. Did you know that Belgian people speak both Dutch and French (well, most of us do)?

Jannis am um :

Hey Mickey,

no need to justify at all, Belgium will of course get it's own category. I am going to work on it tonight - I hope that's not too late for you :-)

David Blangstrup am um :

Yo! Very nice! My thumb is 'pending', but that means, I guess, that it will show up. ;) What if you have a danish blog, but multilingual - adding english translation to many of the posts?

Jannis am um :

Hey David,

however you feel! You could either add it to the "Multilingual" category, or to the Denmark category. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

When I created the url submission plugin in the first place I was wondering whether or not to use categories, or maybe tags instead. But then I thought that a) It will make each blog appear multiple times on the listing, which is already quite long (given that you look at it sorted by "categories"/tags) and b) The page's title is "Who is using" and the categories state where you're from. So categories seem just right :-)

bed am um :

Really nice work! Thank You Jannis! Now it's more fun to discover new sites :)

CD am um :

Looks good! But I did like the ability to move my link to the top of the list for more exposure. Any chance this will be re-added?

Jannis am um :

Hi CD,

no, there are no plans for this to be re-added - sorry. The blogs are currently listed in the descending order of submission: The longer your blog resides on the page, the further it moves down as new submissions are made.

carl am um :

good, I was getting a bit tired of spammers deleting my link, at least this way you can go through the list now and again and delete them without us genuine users having to worry about our link

Andy Rambling am um :

Would it be possible to have the UK as it's own category ? I do know our lovely leader Mr T. Blair likes to make us all believe that we are part of the US. I mean Ireland has it's own? Not that that worries me, as I'm Irish, but I am based in the UK and not the US...

Jannis am um :

It's on my list, I will add it. Thanks Andy :-)

BugZ am um :

Very nice, but I can't add my site :( I'm from Belarus.

Jannis am um :

You can't add it, because your country is missing? If so, I put it on my list.

If you can't add it because of some other error, please let me know :-)

MERLiiN am um :

Apart from the number of countries missing I think it is a misrepresentation to only list American and Canadian english. What about the british? I would also like to see Australian English or Australia added to the list.

Jannis am um :

Hey Merlin,

well, the list was never meant to be complete. As it is now, it contains the countries from which users have added their blogs to the site.

If you want to add a blog from a country that is not listed, just drop me a note and I'll have the category added.

We just don't want empty categories (i.e. countries) on the list, that's all :-)

Andy Rambling am um :

Jannis, very good work, just one small problem, when one is already in the wrong category, is one able to change it? As mine is in the American English but would prefer if I was under UK. Could I put forward a small suggestion, when someone is adding themselves as of, say today, shouldn't all countries be available from the drop list? The ones that don't have any don't get listed?

Serendipity is a fantastic CMS application. Very flexible, very powerful and yet very easy to manage.

Jannis am um :

Hey Andy,

to reduce vandalism on the page, this is not directly possible for users. But you can always drop me a mail with your blog and a new category and I'll update the list: jannis@gmail.com

MERLiiN am um :

Great, Any chance you could move my blog from American English to Australia? My blog url is what I entered for my homepage in this comment. Thanks.

Jannis am um :

Hi all,

Australia, Belarus and Beligum have been added :)

bob am um :

My only beef is that there is a long list of countries or regions... then you have "English (American)" and "English (Canadian)" ... these are languages, not regions.... why not have

USA (English) USA (Espanol) Canada (English) Canada (French) Great Brittan

Jannis am um :

Yeah I noticed that too, Bob. That's from when the list was still a wiki page and some people added Regions and others added languages. We'll make it consistent :-)

Pronto am um :

Also please create a category for the estonian language. I submitted myself into multilingual for now.

Chris Fleming am um :

The page seems to have been filled with SPAM, someone needs to put in some spam prevention and remove all the dodgy links.

Gary am um :

Jannis, I am still waiting for you to change the English (American) category. I do not care what you think of the United States but if Belgium, France and others are listed as countries then do the right thing and either create United States of America or USA.. and just in case you did not know the language here is indeed English.

Thanks for the work you do on this page.

Regards, Gary

Jannis am um :

I was tempted to quote the chorus of a song called "two words" and say something like "fuck you, pay me" but I decided to be nice.

The status quo is not an act of disrespect towards the US but just remains from the old times, where the list was divided into languages, not countries.

Chillax, I'll do it as soon as I have the time. Right now is exam time at Uni. If I can charge you, I'll do it right away, though ;-)

Thanks for stopping by!

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