Server troubles

On of the servers running has suffered from a hardware failure, unfortunately. It will be replaced in the next week. It's gonna be a bumpy ride until then, with a couple of downtimes. I'm working on it. Enjoy the weekend, and if it's sunny, go out :)

apologetic Jannis. 

Main Server down [UPDATE: Server is back again]

Update, July 2nd: The Server is online again!

Hey folks,

as usual when I post here, it's kinda bad news. As you may have noticed, the main server running and went down a couple of hours ago. Since engineers at the noc are expensive on weekends (200€/h), it won't come back until monday. is hosted at and not affected (obviously). But don't worry, another server is set up and and will be transferred over to that one asap and things should run a lot smoother than in the past.

For those of you who didn't upgrade yet, here are temporary downloads for the current versions:

Update: The power adapter died and has been replaced.

All good

Chris just called to inform me that the server has been repaired and all services should be back to normal. I am writing this with my cellphone because i'm on the autobahn, driving home to Berlin. So I'll keep this short!

Hardware failure

For those of you who haven't seen the main site since yesterday, we had a hardware failure in the server that was running the wiki. Most likely the power adapter stopped working, a new one is on the way and will hopefully be installed tomorrow. If it doesn't, I will start setting up a "read only" interim site with backup data, because it's not very likely that Santa is going to install a new power adapter, so it could take a while until the original server is back in place. But don't forget, it's "only" the Wiki and the board that are down. The other parts of the run on different servers, so you can still use:

Thanks go out to these people, who have offered to donate server power to the project (If you're one of them and haven't heard from me: Don't hate, I have happily read your email and will reply as soon as I can):

I'll keep you up to date, sorry for everything.

UPDATE: It turned out the defective part was the CPU fan, a new one is on it's way and will be installed tomorrow, Friday 22nd 2006 - what a nice birthday present for me ;-)  Also, I have received a lot of emails of people/companies offering backup server sponsorships, I'll let you know when the talks have finished and a deciscion has been made.