Main Server down [UPDATE: Server is back again]

Update, July 2nd: The Server is online again!

Hey folks,

as usual when I post here, it's kinda bad news. As you may have noticed, the main server running and went down a couple of hours ago. Since engineers at the noc are expensive on weekends (200€/h), it won't come back until monday. is hosted at and not affected (obviously). But don't worry, another server is set up and and will be transferred over to that one asap and things should run a lot smoother than in the past.

For those of you who didn't upgrade yet, here are temporary downloads for the current versions:

Update: The power adapter died and has been replaced.


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Cheryl Webber on at :

I installed the blog for a friend several months ago on his webpage. I'd really like to install it on my site and have downloaded the .tar file on the first page of the blog. I can't remember what to do from here! Is there a short instruction list somewhere that is accessible while the server is down to give me just the basic install instructions? Thanks!

Neut on at :

Google cache is your friend:

How do I install serendipity? Just download the .tar.gz to your server, unpack it inside your document root, make sure the created directory is writeable by the webserver (in most cases chmod 770 serendipity will do) and open it in your web browser. You will see the installation screen that lets you set up serendipity. You'll be up and running in about 2 minutes!

Jannis on at :

Damn, you were one second faster ;)

Jannis Hermanns on at :

Hi Cheryl,

I hope you updated his/her blog since?

Anyways, what you do is:

1) download the tar file 2) decompress it 3) upload the decompressed folder to you webspace

Then you open the uploaded folder with your webbrowser, e.g. and s9y will guide you through the installation. Let me know if it worked out.

Anonymous on at :

I haven't updated his blog software itself. He's on an 83 day trip in Ireland and I'm afraid to do anything to mess it up while he is travelling and posting to it.

Jannis on at :

You should update! There have been security fixes!

Cheryl on at :

It's not working! This is the error message I get when I browse to

Forbidden You don't have permission to access /serendipity/ on this server. You may need to create an index.html page or enable the directory browsing by creating an .htaccess file containing "Options +Indexes".

Anonymous on at :

I got it to work! Thanks everyone!

Anonymous on at :

The web address is Here are the screen shots:

Anonymous on at :

Ok.. It looks like the blog is installed and working somewhat. I was able to set the style to something other than the default and installed a plugin or two. Now when I try to get to the styles or plugins I'm getting error messages. I checked the other blog on my other site and I can get to those options there but not on this new site/blog. Here are the errors. Any ideas?

Trying to open URL package_sidebar_en.xml... Permission deniedPermission denied

Trying to open URL package_template.xml... Permission deniedPermission denied


Jannis on at :

Let us know the exact error messager, post the url of your blog or a screenshot :-)

Anonymous on at :

Looks like I put the answer to your question as a reply to the wrong thread. Here it is:

The web address is Here are the screen shots:

Is there a more appropriate place to be doing support when the server is down? I don't want to be a nuisance in the blog!!

Jannis on at :

No this is the right place as long as the board is down :-) I'm not sure, but it looks like serendipity can't fetch the package_template.xml file? Can you find it through FTP? What permissions does it have?

Anonymous on at :

There is no file with that name. I searched the unpacked folder on my computer. The same one that I uploaded.

Anonymous on at :


Since the boards are back I'll take this issue over there.


Jannis on at :

Yep, I'll close comments on this entry :-)

RST on at :

Good luck with the server. I hope it doesn't cost you guys too much time and money to get it back running.

Jannis on at :

Yeah it's prolly more a time than a money issue. But thanks to a second server is already in place so and can move over...

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