Hardware failure

For those of you who haven't seen the s9y.org main site since yesterday, we had a hardware failure in the server that was running the s9y.org wiki. Most likely the power adapter stopped working, a new one is on the way and will hopefully be installed tomorrow. If it doesn't, I will start setting up a "read only" interim site with backup data, because it's not very likely that Santa is going to install a new power adapter, so it could take a while until the original server is back in place. But don't forget, it's "only" the Wiki and the board that are down. The other parts of the s9y.org run on different servers, so you can still use:

Thanks go out to these people, who have offered to donate server power to the s9y.org project (If you're one of them and haven't heard from me: Don't hate, I have happily read your email and will reply as soon as I can):

I'll keep you up to date, sorry for everything.

UPDATE: It turned out the defective part was the CPU fan, a new one is on it's way and will be installed tomorrow, Friday 22nd 2006 - what a nice birthday present for me ;-)  Also, I have received a lot of emails of people/companies offering backup server sponsorships, I'll let you know when the talks have finished and a deciscion has been made.


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Judebert am um :

I thought we just got a second server. Should it failover in cases like this? Or is that why we've still got the blog and Spartacus repository?

Garvin am um :


exactly, this is why the blog is running. The second server served supersized+blog.s9y.org. SF.Net hosts spartacus, and the server that is down hosted the Wiki and the Forums.

The ultimate goal will be to make both servers be able to handle the other ones tasks, but setting that up is some pain to do. If instantiating permanent mysql/file cloning, that might take away a lot of the server performance...

I'm sure Jannis will think of something. ;)

Best regards, Garvin

Jannis am um :

Exactly. The plan is to have a secondary mysql server on both machines, which will be replication slaves of the respective other (through vpn). On top of that, the servers will rsync their contents over to the respective other, so that both, filesystem and database information is always present (and fresh) on a second machine. Should one server fail, a spare one with nothing but simpleproxy could take over the IPs of the dead servers and tunnel the requests over to the other.

This will lead to significantly more server load in the case where one machine has to handle all the jobs, but at least there will be something.

From my experience the replication and rsyncing won't have a noteable impact on server performance (we actually had it running with replication and mysql-through-vpn-tunneling for a few days, worked fine).

On top of that, the secondary server will mirror its contents (database files and filesystem stuff) over to a ftp backup server, given that we're provided with a large-enough ftp.

That's the plan, I hope I have the time to install all that before the year is over.

Until then, let's keep our fingers crossed that the new CPU fan will be installed as quickly as possible (Turned out it was the fan, not the power adapter).

Cheers, Jannis.

Frank Farance am um :

I'm a sysadmin investigating/choosing blogging software, so I'm new to your application.

May I suggest that you make pages available for all the INSTALL* files? I just downloaded the source from sourceforge, untar-ed the files, and the was no documentation.

Also, I recommend that you put a snapshot of the INSTALL* text in the files themselves and refer them to your website for any additional information.

Really, the software can't come without any documentation -- as is presently the case in the current download on sourceforge.

Jannis am um :

That's because after downloading and untaring you're done. The rest is done with your browser :-)

Rik am um :

Happy birthday (in 45 minutes)! Let's hope you can party and not be occupied with the revived server.

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