Double the servers is double the fun!

The nice folks of AOE media GmbH offered to sponsor the s9y project with another dedicated server, which arrived today. I spent the day installing the base system, setting up mysql replication through a vpn between the two servers, and stuff like that. So for those of you who noticed a downtime today, it was a planned one (and also un-announced ;-), that I used to copy a snapshot of the and databases over to the new server. I hope it didn't cause too much trouble for you, but this made future work/load-distribution over the servers a lot easier. All the of the last months should ease up a little over the next few months. Finally ;)


It's pretty hot in germany today with temperatures above 30°C and  it appears that either this server's cooling system is not strong enough or that the air conditioning at our hosting provider is at it's limit. Therefore the CPU speed has automatically been lowered to avoid hardware failure. So if things feel slow or the server explodes soon: You have been warned ;-)

"Who is using" - all new

This is just a quick announcement that the "Who is using" page over at has finally been updated. It is now a lot easier to submit a URL: Just type your blog's URL in a form field, add a title if you wish (if not, it will be autodetected), and you have your blog listed in an instant.

As a little bonus I have added a thumbnail-preview of each blog that is shown when you move the mouse over a link to a s9y blog. Go give it a try!

I hope you have fun with this, but if anything does not work as expected, please let me know :-)

Back to normal?

After our server hardware went done some weeks ago, we had to put onto a very tiny backup server in order to resume "normal" operations. Now, the new server is all set, and has been moved over to it's new home today. The nameservers have been upgraded as well, but it can take "up to a few days" until your nameserver recognizes this change. If you enter "" and are taken to "", it means your nameserver has not yet updated, but you can access all contents via as well.

Please tell me if you note any oddities with the new setups. For example, coWiki is using another url-scheme, but all old links should still be accessible.


Screenshot of a page from the June 05 edition of the dutch Chip magazine
Somebody who calls himself NN sent this in - I don't understand each word and unfortunately babelfish can't do OCR on images, but I still think the overall message is clear (at least after you clicked on the screenshot).

This goes out to the devs: Thanks, guys! :-)


After the DNS trouble we had last week, it seemed to be time for the hardware to take a break. The original and server melted last night. It's down: hardware failure.
Luckily, absynth of de-punkt webhosting, our provider, had a spare machine handy. I spent today migrating the nightly backups to this new server and setting it up.
So remember, that we're on a backup machine right now, some minor things might not work as expected. We'll have a brand new server by next week, and hopefully more hardware luck this time ;-)