Screenshot of a page from the June 05 edition of the dutch Chip magazine
Somebody who calls himself NN sent this in - I don't understand each word and unfortunately babelfish can't do OCR on images, but I still think the overall message is clear (at least after you clicked on the screenshot).

This goes out to the devs: Thanks, guys! :-)


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Djuri am um :

It's a scan from a Dutch Magazine called "CHIP", your software recieved an award because it is the best PHP/MYSQL weblog software they've tested :) It has recieved 83 out of 100 points.

Anonym am um :

So the idea here is that Serendipity is the best weblog system available? I could have told you that.

Mike am um :

So why didn't you ? In a nutshell: Way out of it's league when it comes to funcionality. Only wordpress comes close when it comes to anti-spam features, and only wordpress and b2evolution were judged better when it comes th publishing.

We didn't really need this to be convinced, didn't we ? But it's always good to get some recognition

MySchizobuddy am um :

where is my netherland based tablestand, comeon guys, send me one. It says right there in the entry "Nederlands taalbestand" :)

Congrats to the dev team of S9Y

Mandrake am um :

No surprises here! s9y just rocks...

I think this guys are doing an awesome job with s9y, is only getting better over time.

I remember a few times when I had some ideas for new cool functionality and they were included in newer versions without me even asking for them, pretty cool. For example the new Static Page, External PHP, Simple Cache and the friendly URLs mods added from 8.0 version. I remember I even started working on a "external php" and "static page" like plugins but obviously I dropped the idea.

In my opinión, publishing on s9y is miles ahead of wordpress. The only thing I like from Wordpress over s9y (and I'd like to see on it) is that a single database can be used for multiple blogs.

My best regards to the s9y team.

Peter am um :

On May 12th I wrote that on my (Dutch) blog ( http://www.hosternokke.nl/pivot/entry.php?id=655)after reading this magazine. I'm interested in using your Serendipity, but have no idea if I can use my archives. That's why today I still use the dutch Pivot software... But I'm still visiting your page ;-)

Adokenai am um :

I could translate everything correctly if you want to is dutch

erkje am um :

I searched for a web-log system and by luck found Serendipity. So, I gave it a try and about 1 month later I read this article :-D: best weblog system available.

Just one thing... why didn't they include Pivot in their research.

Ralph am um :

I'm using wordpress and came across s9y several days ago. I like it much, especially the import function. I guess I'll switch over :-)

Slarioux am um :

I'd be happy to translate the lot, if you'd like to. Drop me an email :)

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