Double the servers is double the fun!

The nice folks of AOE media GmbH offered to sponsor the s9y project with another dedicated server, which arrived today. I spent the day installing the base system, setting up mysql replication through a vpn between the two servers, and stuff like that. So for those of you who noticed a downtime today, it was a planned one (and also un-announced ;-), that I used to copy a snapshot of the and databases over to the new server. I hope it didn't cause too much trouble for you, but this made future work/load-distribution over the servers a lot easier. All the of the last months should ease up a little over the next few months. Finally ;)


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Carl am um :

Awesome news dude, good work getting them to be a sponsor. The downtime has been a bit frustrating, but I tell you what it means for Serendipity, it means that users/traffic are increasing to some good levels that the project needs 2 servers.

BTW, any changce of getting the who's who page fixed, its filled with spam.

Jannis am um :

Yeah, it's all in the queue :)

Matthew am um :

Thanks for that work, Jannis. That isn't easy stuff!

Neut am um :

So Santa was early this year!

Vielen Dank AOE medien GmbH...

Kyle Welsh am um :

Nice work, Jannis! Carl is right - the fact that multiple servers are needed is a great sign for Serendipity. Keep up the great job.

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