It's pretty hot in germany today with temperatures above 30°C and  it appears that either this server's cooling system is not strong enough or that the air conditioning at our hosting provider is at it's limit. Therefore the CPU speed has automatically been lowered to avoid hardware failure. So if things feel slow or the server explodes soon: You have been warned ;-)


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CoSTa am um :

the same here in poland. maan, air condidtion in my works place just blew up. i have about 31-32C in my office and no air circulation at all :/

btw - germany plays really good on this worldcup. you sure have some strong players and a damn good team.

Nils Hitze am um :

Not really any changes in temperature today. Im fucking melting here in Munich.

Abdussamad am um :

Ah 30c would be oh so cool over here in Pakistan. Its 36C indoors without airconditioning. In fact I have my AC set to automatically maintain a temperature of 29C! So stop complaining :) You guys have it easy in Europe.

Henk van de Goor am um :

I guess it's still hot there? Downloading the latest snapshot of Sy9 is like trying to suck mud though a straw!

Please do something about it!

Jannis Hermanns am um :

Where are you downloading from? Sourceforge.net or the mirrored version from s9y.org?

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