Screenshot of a page from the June 05 edition of the dutch Chip magazine
Somebody who calls himself NN sent this in - I don't understand each word and unfortunately babelfish can't do OCR on images, but I still think the overall message is clear (at least after you clicked on the screenshot).

This goes out to the devs: Thanks, guys! :-)


After the DNS trouble we had last week, it seemed to be time for the hardware to take a break. The original s9y.org and supersized.org server melted last night. It's down: hardware failure.
Luckily, absynth of de-punkt webhosting, our provider, had a spare machine handy. I spent today migrating the nightly backups to this new server and setting it up.
So remember, that we're on a backup machine right now, some minor things might not work as expected. We'll have a brand new server by next week, and hopefully more hardware luck this time ;-)

Back, sweet blogs

Most of you have noticed the slight unavailibility of s9y.org between June 3rd and today. This was due to the fact that my old provider, the one where I registered s9y.org, stopped his business but at the same time did not stop being the admin-c of s9y.org. On June 3rd s9y.org expired, and the expiration-notice, warnings and reminders were sent into the great nowhere, as there was no provider responsible for s9y.org. All apologies to you guys, who couldn't download fresh s9y snapshots.

Thanks to a lot of Vitamin-B and efforts from the cool guys of InterNetX and De-Punkt, GPF and absynth, the domain s9y.org has been magically gone through an instant-recovery from it's PENDING DELETE state back to shiny availibility. Thanks, guys. As the domain is finally completely moved from the old provider everything should go much smoother now.

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