Apply markup plugins per-entry

In the past, several users wanted the ability to tell Serendipity that specific markup plugins shall not be applied to specific entries.

Until now, Serendipity applied markup plugins globally to every entry, without any distinction. Today I have committed a patch that enhances the "Extended options of Entries" plugin to specify, if specific markup plugins should NOT be applied to an entry.

This now enables you to create entries where you don't want to use the nl2br or Wiki markup. Plus, with some basic coding skills you can add new markup plugins which don't affect past entries, if you create the required entryproperty for those past entries that disable the markup plugin.

The feature has been committed to the SVN 1.1-alpha trunk and also to the affected plugins in our Spartacus repository. The change is backwards compatible, so nothing will change if you either don't use the functionality or do not make any settings to the list of disabled markups.

Wikify your blog

I've committed a new plugin called "Free Wiki links for your entries" (serendipity_event_wikilinks) to the CVS repository and thus Spartacus.

This plugin adds a very basic wiki principle to your frontend: You can use links to create new entries. Actually, this functionality is basically also available within the "Wiki Markup" plugin, but I must admit I never got a grasp on that plugin, so I created a new one for that sole purpose.

You can now include links like [[my title]] in your entries. Either they resolve to already existing titles in your blog, or they will show an entry creation link for people which are logged in to the blog.

This plugin currently is only an expermental stub, but maybe already useful for some people. So have fun!