SourceForge CVS / Spartacus functional again

The last month has been a hard time for developers on, because their CVS service went down for good also for developers, and anonymous access was not updated for the time being.

The Serendipity Spartacus plugin by default uses the SourceForge Servers for downloading plugins and files, and thus this had not worked properly the past month. The first way to fix that problem was to use the "" file mirror.

Because of the changes made by the SourceForge team to CVS, their new infrastructure will no longer work with the Spartacus plugin, because they changed Domain and URL locations. Users should either use the file mirror, or use the latest version of the Spartacus plugin with the new path location: serendipity_event_spartacus.php + The patch is fairly easy and just replaces the URL of the server.

Attention for Plugin Developers using CVS access: has changed the CVS server from "" to "". You will either need to check out that new repository, or else use this bash command to search+replace all the old paths to the new paths:

find -name "Root" -exec sed -e "s:@cvs:@php-blog.cvs:g" -i {} \;

(Many thanks to lars for pointing this out to me)

Read the Sf.Net docs for details on the new CVS project service. Other good news is that anonymous CVS access will no only lag 2 hours, not 24 hours.

Let's see how this will work out, and my thanks to the SourceForge.Net team who has surely not an easy job providing free access for thousands of projects.

May Template Madness

May is shaping up to be a month to be remembered, with four new templates released this month already, two of them coming from fresh new designers to the world of Serendipity. Let's start with our new designers, Bex and Abdussamad. Both of these designers have created templates that I'm sure will really appeal to people because of their graphical component, Bex01 being a two column template with an eyecatching header and sidebar graphics, while Stained Paper is exactly that, a sheet of old parchment forming the background image. If you like either of these designs please comment on the authors sites and give them the encouragement to keep designing. Myself and Dave have also released new templates this month, Dave with his popular Matrimony design, and myself with 1024px, a conversion Andreas Viklund's html template of the same name. Are there any other designs we should know about, we really should keep up the momentum in May, why don't we set a target of ten new templates for this month?

Serendipity 1.0-beta3 released

The Serendipity Team is still working hard on finding the time to not only work on new features of the 1.1 version of Serendipity (like a new per-template configuration options, a completely redone media gallery and media permissions), but also to finalize the long overdue 1.0 release. We are getting close on settling up the design debate, so stay tuned for an update on this.

It's our goal to have the 1.0 release finally be done this month; the codebase is rock-solid, and the 1.0-beta3 version should be ready for showtime for everyone; there are no open bugs or issues known to us, and this version is to prefer over the old 0.9.1 version currently.

If you are already using 1.0-beta2, there is little reason for you to upgrade. beta3 mainly includes some minor bugfixes as well as some last-minute features to force FeedBurner feed redirection, the most recent updates to the Spamblock plugin, a Pivot importer, missing UTF-8 encoding for Windows-Server date responses. Also two minor security issues were addressed. One being an (hard to do) XSRF-attack on the entry manager page, the other one being able to save PHP code in the file. Only an Admin can do that, and usually and Admin has other means to save PHP code on your server ;-).

Since those changes remedy a new release candidate before the final 1.0 release, we would be happy for anyone trying out this version and report us possible new issues. beta2 has been very well received so far, and our top priority for the 1.0 release is to have a rock-solid release. Without you fellow users, we can't find all bugs, so it's also up to you to help us. Drop by on the forums to report bugs you found!

Download the release here. To upgrade, please read our FAQ - it's easy and fast. :-)