Spartacus Improvements (Themes + Plugin Categories)

I have prepared a patch which allows the plugin interface to be a bit more intuitive.

It combines the spartacus/external plugins into the same interface you use to install downloaded plugins, so this is now one large list of plugins. The new list also allows to be grouped by one level of categories.

Some plugins in the list, and some spartacus plugins have been given the new "group" property so that you can play with the patch.

For the interface to load faster I have created an intermediate cache, that stores the plugin metadata and makes it retrievable easier on the interface. The upside of this is that the list of plugins is now much faster created.

This may possibly cause a lot of trouble, so do not apply this patch in a working environment. Only use it for fun and report back to me how you like it.

In a future step, the new (localized!) plugin XML metadata can be used easier on a like interface.

The patch can be found here:

UPDATE: New diff file supports Template downloading via Smartacus, uhm Spartacus. :-)

UPDATE 2: New diff file contains support for alternate file mirrors. The list of mirrors will hopefully be updated soon to contain some backup locations.

Multi-Category selector

Some users of the Konqueror-Browser may have noticed that when posting a new entry, the "plus" icon next to the categories selection did not toggle anything.

This functionality was meant to toggle a multiple-select field when clicked, to preserve screenspace on most browsers and make it easier for people that do not want to post in multiple categories.

This functionality did not play well with Konqueror's interpretation of the select-field's properties. I have thus rewritten the JavaScript code to toggle the state of the select field, and it should now work in all major browsers. I have committed the patch to our 0.9 SVN, and it should be contained in the daily snapshot created later today.

I'd be happy for any reports regarding this functionality and whether it's working fine for you. Remember that when toggling from a multi select to a single select, the function will remember the last multi-select of your categories and restore those. So it is considered a feature when you select edit an entry with multiple selected categories, toggle to single select, and then toggle back that all previous categories get re-selected. Thanks for your feedback!


Screenshot of a page from the June 05 edition of the dutch Chip magazine
Somebody who calls himself NN sent this in - I don't understand each word and unfortunately babelfish can't do OCR on images, but I still think the overall message is clear (at least after you clicked on the screenshot).

This goes out to the devs: Thanks, guys! :-)

New version of google_sitemap and freetag plugins

I have received new upstream releases for the Tagging-Plugin by Jonathan Arkell and a 0.9 compatible version of the googlesitemap plugin by Sebastian Wiesinger. Thank you very much, guys!

The revamped version of the Tagging plugin by Jonathan now supports easier maintaining of the tags, as well as refactored code and better styling/RSS+Technorati integration. Weightings and Intersections of Tags has also been improved, but there is still some pending work needed to get it to work with postgreSQL.

Both have been committed to CVS and should be upgradable in Spartacus the next 24 hours. If you have any issues with the new plugin versions, please report them here.


After the DNS trouble we had last week, it seemed to be time for the hardware to take a break. The original and server melted last night. It's down: hardware failure.
Luckily, absynth of de-punkt webhosting, our provider, had a spare machine handy. I spent today migrating the nightly backups to this new server and setting it up.
So remember, that we're on a backup machine right now, some minor things might not work as expected. We'll have a brand new server by next week, and hopefully more hardware luck this time ;-)