Rasmus Lerdorf loves Serendipity

Does the headline sound catchy enough? Gooood. :-)

Now that I have your attention: Check out the recent FLOSS podcast #12. It's a 1-hour podcast with Rasmus Lerdorf, which is both entertaining and informative.

And he mentions he's using Serendipity - in the last quarter of the podcast. He doesn't actually mention much about our software, but of course highlighting all our strengths would've taken up another hour of the podcast.... ;-)

Anyways - we feel quite humbled to be mentioned by the 'Creator of PHP'. Keep on blogging and have fun!

Serendipity Interview in ITS ART Magazine

Some time ago, the publisher of the ezine called ITS ART Magazin approached me and asked to do an interview with me about programming Serendipity.

Since I generally enjoy this kind of being able to tell about Serendipity, I couldn't refuse this question of course. :-)

Thus, you can now find this interview in the latest issue #05. The interview culminated into a nice conclusion, so everyone who's interested, have a go at it.

I generally suggest you to check out this ezine, its contained images and featured artists alone are a great source of information and inspiration, and the generall layout is a pleasure to look at. Spread the word about this magazine, it's better than most printed editions you can find at you newsstands!

Also have a look at their blog!

German Magazine "Internet Professionell 4/06" about Serendipity

Thanks to HadleyB from the forums I was notified, that the current issue of the german magazine Internet Professionell had some editorial words from the editor in chief about Serendipity.

Here's a snippet of the original text in german and my translation to english:

"Mehrere individuelle Weblogs, ohne die Blog-Software mehrmals zu installieren: Mit Serendipity und ein paar Tricks klappt das wunderbar"

Ich wollte ein paar Leuten die Möglichkeit geben, auf einer meiner Websites ihr ganz persönliches Weblog zu schreiben. Zum einen wertet das meine Website mit interessanten Geschichten auf, zum anderen stärkt es die Community zu meiner Site. Die User sollten so weit voneinander getrennt sein, dass sie nur auf ihren eigenen Bereich Zugriff haben, und ich wollte die Blog-Software nur ein einziges Mal auf dem Webserver installieren. Überraschenderweise fand ich zunächst kein Open-Source-PHP-Skript dafür, dass auch sonst komfortabel und leistungsfähig ist.

Fündig geworden bin ich letztlich bei Serendipity (www.s9y.org). Mit ein paar einfachen Tricks funktioniert es damit hervorragend, und die User haben sogar individuelle Design-Templates [...].

Insgesamt hat mich Serendipity als Blog-Software reichlich überzeugt, weil es flexibel und sehr einfach anpassbar ist. Und vor allem ist es benutzerfreundlich genug, dass auch weniger erfahrene Blogger damit klarkommen. Probieren Sie's mal aus und schreiben Sie mir, was Sie davon halten.

Franz Neumeier, Chefredakteur. Internet Professionell 04/06.

"Several individual weblogs, without installing the blog application multiple times: Using Serendipity and some tricks make it happen easily"

I wanted to give some people the opportunity to maintain a personal weblog on my website. On the one hand this adds interesting stories to my website and on the other hand it strengthens the community towards my website. The users should be kept independent from each other, so that they only have access to their specific area, and I wanted the blog application to only have installed once on my webserver. Surprisingly I did not find any Open-Source-PHP-Application that suited my needs and was also comfortable and powerful to use.

I finally found what I needed with Serendipity (www.s9y.org). Using a few tricks, it all works flawlessly and the users have their individual design-templates[...].

All in all, Serendipity has persuaded me in many ways, because it's flexible to use and easy to customize. And most importantly, it is easy to use for even inexperienced bloggers. You should try it and tell me what you think.

Franz Neumeier, editor in chief. Internet Professionell 04/06.

Thanks for these kind words, I think they speak for themselves. :-)

German translators needed

My blog, especially the articles about Serendipity, are attracting a very large German audience, 36% of traffic this month, and I would love to have these articles translated into German for those readers. I plan to install the multi-language plugin and any German translations would then be directly available from the post. I'm doing this out of respect for my readers. Would any German speaking person be willing to translate any of my Serendipity articles? I could either create a new author account for you, or you could simply send your translations and I could post them. I will happily credit you with the translation and offer a link to your blog. If my request is well received, I would also happily consider translation into other languages. Thank you, Carl

Serendipity in Space Stations

We got word from a fellow Serendipity user, who told us how happily he is using Serendipity:

I use Serendipity on a lot of my blogs, and I know it is simple to use and reliable as a result of the work you the rest of the project have put in.

I picked it up and used it for the GIOVE-A satellite launch, this is the first satellite of the new European satellite navigation system Galileo which is similar in principle to GPS. The launch was scheduled to take place on Boxing day, 26th December but may be delayed.

It is all exciting stuff, so I reckon there are lots of people like me who use Serendipity and think this would be pretty cool too. I'm using the remote RSS reader sidebar plugin to pull in an RSS feed of press releases, other self-confessed tech-heads may wish to do the same with the blog feed - this doesn't happen every week!

The site will be displaying a live countdown to the launch and provide background on the the Gailileo project, podcasts and links to live video footage. Using the categories sidebar I have provided a variety of feeds for journalists, tech-heads and team members to keep up with events.

Anyway, I'd like to thank Serendipity for making this possible and let's spread the word!

URL: http://www.engineeringbritain.com/space

I will gladly write a more in depth "success story" for the S9 project at a later date.

Best Regards,

Robin Wolstenholme MEng MIEE MIEEE

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience, and we wish you all the best with the project!