Spartacus Plugin Overview Page

I had a couple of hours spare time today - recovering from the german karneval - , so I spent it hopefully usefully on this Page:

(will be available as shortly)

The design is temporary, it's the content that matters. It's an auto-generated snapshot and download page of the Serendipity Plugin and Template repository. Something like, but a bit more light-weight.

It should serve well for people that cannot run Spartacus or who want to look at our repository.

Please consider that page as experimental. The core texts are not translated, only the plugin descriptions are.

Any feedback is appreciated. If you face bugs, please let me know.

The page will be refreshed about ever 24 hours, but expect a delay of max. 48 hours in terms of anonymous CVS lagging.

German translators needed

My blog, especially the articles about Serendipity, are attracting a very large German audience, 36% of traffic this month, and I would love to have these articles translated into German for those readers. I plan to install the multi-language plugin and any German translations would then be directly available from the post. I'm doing this out of respect for my readers. Would any German speaking person be willing to translate any of my Serendipity articles? I could either create a new author account for you, or you could simply send your translations and I could post them. I will happily credit you with the translation and offer a link to your blog. If my request is well received, I would also happily consider translation into other languages. Thank you, Carl

Apply markup plugins per-entry

In the past, several users wanted the ability to tell Serendipity that specific markup plugins shall not be applied to specific entries.

Until now, Serendipity applied markup plugins globally to every entry, without any distinction. Today I have committed a patch that enhances the "Extended options of Entries" plugin to specify, if specific markup plugins should NOT be applied to an entry.

This now enables you to create entries where you don't want to use the nl2br or Wiki markup. Plus, with some basic coding skills you can add new markup plugins which don't affect past entries, if you create the required entryproperty for those past entries that disable the markup plugin.

The feature has been committed to the SVN 1.1-alpha trunk and also to the affected plugins in our Spartacus repository. The change is backwards compatible, so nothing will change if you either don't use the functionality or do not make any settings to the list of disabled markups.

And the winner is...

Carl Galloway

After a very intense "default theme competition" and voting period the last weeks, the winning theme has finally been found.

Carl Galloway has won the competition with his theme. He got 28 votes (5 extra votes through "commenting") and placed first. Second place is David Cummins with 20 votes (3 extra), and scoring last but not least is the proud myself with 19 votes. One vote has been cast on the old default design, for the record.

All three themes will be put into the final Serendipity 1.0 release, with Carl's theme being elected as the default theme. I think a wise decision has been made which puts Serendipity's look more up to par with what it can technically achieve.

Many, many thanks to the contributors of the themes for their enormous efforts complying with the harsh rules. Many thanks for the voters who took the time to constructively criticize the elected themes.

A small "elite group" consisting of Carl, David, Judebert, Jannis and me will now be going through the template and checking minor details and making some adjustments to the design before we release the 1.0 final release. We will not be able to uphold the February 15th release, but keep your heads up for a soon release.

The winning theme can still be seen on

Have fun, Garvin

SVN: 1.0 branch and trunk policy

I am currently working on Image directory permissions and including some other "unstable" stuff. I'll need to put it into SVN trunk so that other people can help developing.

Thus I've just created the "1.0" SVN branch point which holds the 1.0 branch and possibly upcoming 1.0.x maintenance releases.

SVN "trunk" is now the new, testing "1.1-alpha1" playground.

Developers, please commit fixes to both the branch AND trunk. Do not check out trunk if you need a stable system.

Users, if you need a stable system, please download the 1.0-beta1 release candidate or wait for the upcoming 1.0 final. Do not use the nightly snapshots if you depend on a stable system. B0rkage could happen, even though we give our best so that it doesn't.

Theme Contest Closed! View the submissions!

The Serendipity Theme Contest has closed the announced deadline.

Three templates were submitted, by Carl Galloway, David Cummins and Garvin Hicking. They can be viewed for public display (frontend and backend) on

You can VOTE ON THE FORUMS, if you are a registered user to that forum. If you are not, please just drop your vote there as a reply to the entry or as a comment on the blog above. I will collect votes on all three places. You MUST post either your realname or your blog URL for a vote to be officially cast, to prevent duplicate votes. A statement like "I vote for Carl Galloways Design, my name is John Doe" or "I vote for David Cummins Design and my blog is" will suffice.

Several participants of the contest mailed me privately that they were unable to meet the deadline anytime soon, and to have the same chances for everyone, the contest has not been delayed. I hope, those announced themes will be put online in the future.

The theme with the highest vote count will be used as the new default template. If vote counts for two templates are the same, a run-off ballot will be made.

Have fun browsing through the submissions. Your oppinion is highly appreciated!